August 02, 2021

Prime Minister received a Presentation of 2 books from 𝗘arney 𝗟asten

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever – Croes witnessed a presentation of 2 books by sr. Earney Lasten. The presentation took place at Hoffi Shon Shoco in Parke Arikok.

“A methodology for planning and designing staged-authentic heritage attractions in small island nations” and the book “Orua to Aruba: an island story 1300-2000” is based on our history and how to convert this into a tourist attraction. 

The study to work on these documentations has taken 5 years and it consists of very interesting information. Prime Minister Wever – Croes was very impressed.

“These books are giving us the tools to practice and create economic development through tourist attractions in our country where tourists in Aruba can learn what our history is”.

The Prime Minister made a remark that the presentation of the books gave a lot of information about things about our history that even she did not know about. It is a sign that there is always room to expand your knowledge. The books are good for us as a citizen, but also a nice and valuable gift of Aruba’s history for visitors to take home.

She continued by thanking and congratulating Sr. Lasten for his work and immense efforts in documenting Aruba’s history.