September 13, 2021

Prime Minister presents award “Women of Excellence” to Magali Maduro

On Wednesday the 18th of August, during the handover of the Aruban Flag to the paralympic athlete Elliott Loonstra, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes in name of the Government of Aruba presented the award  “Women of Excellence” to Magali Maduro for her professional and dynamic dedication to design and art for Aruba.

Mrs.Magali Maduro, an Aruban designer who on 5 occasions, every 4 years and for 20 consecutive years designs for the Aruban Olympic Committee. Our athletes once again have represented  Aruba in Tokyo with their beautiful uniforms designed by Magali. The design of the uniforms represents the elements of sport, culture, and history of Aruba with beautiful colors.

“Aruba is very proud of Magali and all her beautiful ideas that always let Aruba shine and stand out at the international Olympic Games, as was the case during this last one. Thank you, Magali, for letting Team Aruba shine and stand out one more time in the international Olympic Games” The Prime Minister expressed.