May 21, 2019

Government of Aruba presents the National Education Plan (PEN 2030)

Aruba, April 2019 – In 2017, the Minister of Education, Science and Sustainable Development Mr. Lampe started working with the Department of Education of Aruba and several stakeholders to reach a common vision on Aruba’s education system and create a National Education Plan for Aruba. On April 12th, the Department of Education presented the National Education Plan (PEN 2030) to stakeholders of the social, economic and environmental sectors.

To achieve this goal, multiple brainstorming sessions were organized to discuss areas of improvement of quality and innovation within education. Local school boards, educators, and members of the community had the opportunity to provide feedback through digital surveys and meetings. Through these efforts, the Department of Education reached a common vision regarding the future of Aruba’s education system.

The aim of the National Education Policy Aruba 2030 is to provide a vision and direction for a quality education that is future-proof. In the PEN2030, a strategic vision is outlined for education in Aruba for the next 11 years, one that aligns with international developments benefitting the developments and commitment in Aruba towards the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the government’s national innovation strategy.

The Prime Minister of Aruba is thankful to all who contributed to the realization of the National Education Policy Aruba 2030.

The National Education Plan 2030 is available to read through this link: