May 21, 2019

Aruba Partners with Estonia to develop its e-Government strategy

February 2019, Estonia – Aruba has an ambitious agenda to build the government of the future which can also serve as a model for sustainable island development within the SDG 2030 Framework. Digital transformation is a key priority in Aruba’s National Innovation Policy (Aruba Innova 2030). The goal is to make government more efficient, eliminate bureaucracy and better serve the Aruban people. It is vital for a small country like Aruba to source and partner with skilled international partners to guide its government in the development of an eGovernment Roadmap.

The Government of Aruba has partnered with Estonia, the global leader in eGovernment, to assist Aruba in developing a roadmap for digital transformation. In January, an Aruba delegation visited Estonia to learn and work with different strategic and knowledge partners at the eGovernance Academy of Estonia. The delegation consisted of representatives of different ministries within the Aruba Government. The delegation attended different workshops specifically designed for public sector leaders, local government officials and policy makers. Following this successful mission, a delegation from Estonia eGovernance Academy made a site visit to the island to gather data and conduct meetings with various stakeholders to assist the Aruban government in developing their roadmap set to be published in summer of 2019.

Our partnership with Estonia offers us a unique opportunity to learn about the latest solutions, bringing Aruba one step closer to a credible and realistic goal of a more efficient and transparent government.