April 28, 2020

Discipline, Solidarity & Gratitude

The Prime Minister’s press conference closing statement:
“How do we overcome this crisis?
Discipline: First of all, we have to be disciplined. It is not the richest and/or most powerful country that manages to overcome this crisis but the country that shows more discipline, where citizens adhere to the instructions set by the government accordingly. It is important for everyone to remain inside and to apply the hygiene rule of washing hands frequently.
Solidarity: Let’s show solidarity to our front-liners and authorities put their lives are at risk everyday to protect us. It is in our best interest to follow their instructions. Let’s show solidarity to all the COVID-19 patients and their family and to those who are isolated and in quarantine.
Gratitude: For those who still have a job and a salary to maintain their loved ones; let’s be grateful. For those who are in perfect health and are alive; let’s be grateful. With gratitude we are able to light up someone’s life, who may be momentarily struggling. By being grateful we feel that what we have is enough”
This too shall pass.