August 04, 2020

Recovery and Innovation Committee

The Recovery and Innovation Committee is a unique public-private platform, which as a whole, across all levels, consists of Private, Public, Academic, and Civic Sector representatives. More than 100 citizens are participating based on their professional background on a personal basis, and not necessarily representing their respective organizations.

The work of the Committee is divided in 3 sub committees, ‘Stabilization & Stimulus’, ‘Fast-Track & Reactivation’ and ‘Innovation and Resilience’. On the short term, the ongoing advice on ‘Stabilization & Stimulus’, and ‘Fast-Track & Reactivation’ has been delivered and some of the recommendations have already been implemented. Giving a much-needed boost to restart the Aruban economy, with financial, humanitarian and medical support from the Netherlands to alleviate the consequences and enable the restart of our economy.

Further, the Government of Aruba started with an economic stimulus and recovery plan for Aruba in order to restart the Aruban economy. The Tax Department (DIMP) provided a fiscal emergency plan to stimulate the economy and provide relief. Businesses and more than 37000 affected employees have some kind of support and income with the help of FASE, MKB Noodregeling and the wage-subsidy provided through SVB.

For the medium-term, work is still ongoing. As mentioned, the Aruban economy must be made sustainable by economic diversification and the strengthening of the internal economy.

The work related specifically to ‘Innovation and Resilience’ formally kicked-off in April, with more than 100 participants engaged across 17 Task Forces, with the support of a Project Management Team consisting of more than 10 people (most who are volunteering their time), together are carrying the responsibility to deliver advice on recommended actions and necessary reforms.

A mission driven approach is followed which provides a framework for collaboration and a sense of common purpose. This is done by articulating missions per selected sector/economic area which inspire to solve the root problems, propose solutions that will have the most positive impact and direct action towards the economy and society we want to be. This approach is not business as usual and requires actors to think outside of the box, both in framing the mission and problems as well as in identification of solutions, while reviewing and utilizing existing studies, ideas, and reports (i.e., not re-inventing the wheel).

This plan is a strategic approach to transform our economy as a nation, and to survive and grow as businesses, and as citizens. The Task Forces are now in the middle of the process and expect the final report to be delivered to the Government of Aruba in early July.

The Government of Aruba would like to thank everyone for voluntarily contributing to this urgent national call for action. We appreciate and value your time, effort, input, and are very grateful for your dedication in these challenging times for our country!