February 02, 2021

Corporate Governance in Aruba - Report

Research into compliance with the basic principles of corporate governance in entities in the public and semi-public sector in Aruba

The Wever-Croes Cabinet has the ambition to have the entities in the public and semi-public sector functioning as optimally as possible within the shortest possible time according to internationally recognized best practices of good corporate governance.

An important step in this process is to conduct research into the current state of affairs within the entities in the public and semi-public sector (a Baseline Assessment / “nulmeting”). The Corporate Governance Committee, commissioned by the Government, therefore conducted surveys and interviews with a large number of actors in the corporate governance of various entities in the public and semi-public sector in the Fall of 2020. This report provides an overview and the results of this research.

In general, the Baseline Assessment provides a moderately positive picture with regard to corporate governance. The results show that there is a gap between the perception of good corporate governance on the one hand, and it’s actual practice on the other. Good corporate governance is human oriented. The Baseline Assessment confirms the impression that there is still a lot of work to be done in Aruba. Precisely because corporate governance is human oriented, support and input from the actors involved are of great value. The Government is therefore pleased to observe that there was broad support, collaboration, and cooperation during the Baseline Assessment. This strengthens the Government’s ambitions to collectively, and structurally improve the performance of entities in the public and semi-public sectors.

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