September 06, 2018

Bureau of Integrity and Integrity Chamber Will Soon Become a Reality

Prime Minister of Aruba Bureau of Integrity

Cabinet Wever-Croes is dedicated and determined to reboot integrity within the government. The government will establish Aruba’s first Bureau of Integrity and the Integrity Chamber in October of 2018.

The Bureau of Integrity will focus on raising awareness with the public workforce and the entire local community. Citizens will be able to report any integrity violations to this bureau. The Integrity Chamber will have the duty to screen major governmental decisions, but also to screen political parties. It will also have the legal mandate to make the names of generous sponsors public, as well as register donations received.

In light of this government integrity initiative, Aruba will also introduce legislative changes to the public tender process. The current law has many loopholes and is open for interpretation. The new law, however, will have well-defined and stricter rules. The Prime Minister made it clear that the integrity law will not only be applicable for government employees and government departments, but also for all state-owned companies.

Lastly, Good Corporate Governance rules will be established to ensure that state-owned companies are subjected to the new integrity laws, which will also cover the drafting and submitting of annual reports.