October 30, 2019

Outstanding Innovator Award

The Prime Minister of Aruba, Mrs. Evelyna Wever‐Croes recognized Ms. Jharonne Martis on the outstanding achievements that she has made in her career at Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters and NetLander, Inc. where she contributed to key projects at NASA. Her passion and drive for innovation has served as a leading example to other young women and girls to follow their dreams and to invest in their 21stCentury Skills.

Ms. Martis is the Director of Consumer Research at the Refinitiv New York Innovation Lab. She generates thought leadership research and builds brand awareness by promoting Refinitiv content to a large set of media, sell‐side and buy side following. Her research reports are widely distributed to central banks, economists & strategists, institutional clients, and on the award-winning Lipper Alpha Insight research blog. She also collaborates and supports the quant, data scientists and engineers in validating consumer and retail data.

A human-centered approach has been prioritized in Aruba. In this context, innovation means developing solutions together with our people. Home-grown solutions for our societal challenges, using new collaboration models within and across our borders. Our human capital is our most important enabler for innovation to our island.

As a subject matter and domain expert, Ms. Martis brings her knowledge and expertise to the Aruba Innovation Lab where she mentors, inspires the next generation of STEM leaders, and helps identify innovation partnership opportunities. For being a woman in STEM and representing Aruba with pride, she is the second women to be awarded the pin of outstanding innovator recognition.

The Government of Aruba thanks Ms. Martis for being an “Ambassador” for our island and for her on-going commitment to innovation to the benefit of the Aruban people. We hope her innovative projects and contributions continue to flourish and we are enthusiastic to support any further collaborations moving forward.